Mercedes Benz F125i Concept Car

Mercedes Coupe future car

Mercedes benz F125 i  future car is not an existing vehicle for public yet but it may be available till 2025. Mercedes F125i-concept is an experimental car for engineers of Mercedes. Most of the latest technologies are under development for this future car.

F-125i is an existing cars for engineers of  Sindelfingen, Germany at Daimler's advanced vehicle engineering. F stands for "forschungsfahrzeug" and number refers to 125th anniversary of company.

Mercedes F125i Concept Car Specs

Body197 inch long
 78 inch wide
 68 inch height
DoorTwo (gullwing doors)
Weight551 pounds (40 percent lesser than today’s S-Class )
MotorFront motors of 67 Hp
 Rear motors of 138 Hp
Torque55 pound-feet front motor
 148 pound-feet rear motor

The primary drive of this car is Rear drive which provides a lot of power to car. the motor drive system of mercedes is called ''e4MATIC'' system. This Mercedes Benz F125i-Concept future car have 308 peak hourse power and continously works at 228 HP.

Mercedes Benz F125i Concept Car Gallery

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